Movement Rates

Movement Rates

I confess that It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to regurgitate 2nd edition rules off the top of my head. That said, and since we’ve had some questions about movement, I will make the following decisions about movement rates in Destiny Incarnate:

1. 2nd Edition movement rates state that humans move 12 inches per segment and dwarves move 6 inches. since we are playing on a map with grids and because I want to start making more maps to reference we will use an alternate scale and make changes if necessary.

2. Squares will each represent 5 foot distances unless otherwise noted

3. We will use Pathfinder movement rates
d20pfsrd Movement

4. I don’t want to get into the full mechanic of the Pathfinder movement rates as they become cumbersome. Really, I’m just looking for basic relative movement on the grid map we use. I don’t want to include 5 foot steps and the like. However, we can add or change this as necessary.

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Movement Rates

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